20 years' experience in delivering integrated technology solutions for the UK rail network

Who we are

ADComms delivers innovative technology solutions and services to owners and operators of the UK rail network.

With extensive experience in telecommunications and networks markets, ADComms works with clients to develop intelligent connected solutions that solve operational challenges. We innovate, design and build telecoms, network, energy and on-train technology solutions. Our maintenance and distribution capabilities support our solutions post deployment, to ensure maximum reliability and extended operational life.

ADComms is a quality, safety and environmentally-focused business, which constantly drives through performance improvements to make the business stronger and smarter for the future.

Our vision

Delivering innovative solutions to enable better journeys.

Our mission

Building on our experience to become the leading provider of track to train communications solutions for the UK rail market.

Our values

Our values were developed by utilising feedback from employee surveys and key working groups. These values embrace the best of what we are today, and combine with what we want to be going forward as thriving, sustainable organisation.

Demonstrating togetherness

In our business we look after each other. This means engaging honestly with our colleagues, supporting each other when we need it, speaking with one voice to the outside world and working to common goals.

Knowing what to do

We pride ourselves on the breadth and depth of the knowledge that we have in the business and being a dependable expert for our customers. To maintain and grow our expertise we actively focus on developing our people and managing competency across the team.

Doing the right thing

We always do the right thing in how we interact with our people, how we look after our planet, having strong, fair relationships with our customers and suppliers, ensuring our solutions are delivered safely and remain safe in use.

Delivering on our commitments

When we agree to do something, that becomes our bond. We will always enter into commitments with our eyes open and commit honestly with the best of intentions. When things don’t go according to plan, we will be transparent and quickly deliver resolution.

Promoting innovation

Standing still is not for us. But innovation doesn’t come on order. That’s why we must always create an environment which nurtures innovation across the business. This means making time and space for new ideas and accepting that everyone in our business is capable of great ideas and deserves to have their voice heard.

Making work enjoyable

We spend a lot of time working hard so let’s enjoy it. Be nice to your colleagues, have an appropriate joke at the right time, find the challenges which motivate you. Be visible and be friendly it will come back to you 10 fold.

Our history

ADComms Group developed its service offering in the rail communications market through the purchase of EXi Telecoms in 2003 (previously Ericsson services UK). With this purchase, the business brought on board telecommunications, design, installation and commissioning engineering capability that has been retained in the business to the present day.  ADComms was formed following the purchase of the ADComms Rail Business from the ADComms Group in December 2011. In May 2021, ADComms became part of the Mutares family.

Recent News

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