Total Station Cleaning Solutions, incorporating specialised chemicals, materials and equipment.

Station Presentation

Specialized Cleaning Equipment and Service packages

ADComms understand the importance of running an efficient cleaning regime. We don’t just supply innovative products and equipment; we provide bespoke service packages to keep equipment running at optimum performance. Be it a heavy-duty floor scrubber which comes out twice a year or a vacuum used every day, ADComms can provide an on or off-site service package, specifically designed to meet the customer’s requirements.

Chewing Gum Removal

A comfortable backpack worn by the operative allows for complete freedom of movement and easy usability. The unit is attached to an ergonomic lance designed specifically to ensure fast, reliable and easy operation. Our specially designed brush emits a PH-neutral and safe chemical steam mixture to evaporate the chewing gum, which can then be brushed away. It eliminates the need for high pressure hoses, unfriendly chemicals and overspray into unwanted spaces, making it highly suitable to work in both populated and busy areas. The high quality and robust design mean it has a continuous operating cycle of a minimum of eight hours.

Slip/Trip Reduction

We offer an innovative and extremely efficient scrubber dryer designed to replace standard and flat mopping systems. This revolutionary system is cable free and battery operated, ideal for heavy or daily cleaning, removing spills and rock salt contamination. And for use on-board trains, in waiting rooms and ticket offices etc.

Odour Elimination

Air Pure neutralizes odours rather than just masking them. Using ozone and UV light technology, Air Pure pulls contaminated air through its system, sanitizing and purifying the air. UV light has been used in the medical industry for many years as a proven sanitizer, eradicating common viruses such has MRSA, SARS and LU. Whether you are looking for a more customer friendly waiting room, reducing contamination and sickness in an office, or even eliminating odours from toilets, waiting rooms and even waste collection areas air pure is for you.

Surface Protection

Environmental and surface contaminations have a major effect on station presentation. Removing these types of contaminants can prove difficult, time consuming and hazardous to the environment. All surfaces coated with our surface protection products are protected ensuring easy clean every time. From graffitti on stone work, toilets or seating areas, slippery mould/fungai on flooring, steps and shaded areas or just excessive fumes, brakedust and everyday contamination on those large glass windows. ADComms has a protection product to suit all situations.

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