Driver-controlled operations

Driver Only Operations (DOO)

One Person Operated (OPO)

Driver Controlled Operations (DCO)

Train drivers and station operations staff are responsible for the safety of thousands of people every day. ADComms’ designs, supplies, installs, integrates and maintains systems that give them the information needed to confidently make the ‘right’ decision.

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 OPO,DOO and/or DCO communication systems are the interface between the station platform and the train. These systems support drivers make informed decisions regarding the safe dispatch of trains. CCTV cameras strategically positioned along the platform, capture video images of the Platform to Train Interface (PTI). Images of the train interface defined as the top of the train doors to the footplates and side of the train  to beyond the “yellow line” along the platform edge. These images are displayed either in the train cab or on platform monitors. With responsibility for the safety of so many others, real-time, high quality image presentation is vital to underpin quick sure actions.

In-cab systems display images in the train cab, with live video currently being transmitted via Leaky Feeder Coaxial Cables (radio signal) and Microwave Transmission. To enhance image quality, ADComms is testing a digital signal system that offers faster data transfer. With a clearer view of people on the platform, and their movements, the incremental safety and passenger flow benefits will be realised by TOCs and the traveling public, especially as the rail network becomes increasing busy.

On platform video presentation uses Multi Display Assemblies (MDA); a “stack” of video monitors which are sited on the platform edge adjacent to the driver’s cab, where they are viewed from the cab window.

Using either system, drivers can confidently dispatch their train from the station when they see there are no obstructions of the platform to train interface (PTI) and it is safe to do so.

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