Integrated on-board solutions, providing enhanced customer experience, safety management and operational systems.

Train technology to improve experiences

ADComms can offer a range of on-board technologies creating powerful systems. Modular in design we provide communication and security solutions. The open architecture allows ADComms to select best of breed products ensuring we exceed your requirements and most importantly can accommodate future innovation and technology developments for our:

CCTV and Remote CCTV Management System
Real-Time Passenger Information System and Remote Management System
 Automatic Passenger counting system and remote monitoring system management system
Track to train connectivity
All designed to meet stringent cyber security standards

We will work closely with customers over the period of the franchise to continuously enhance systems installed. Where possible combining systems to enable an effective use of onboard power and data architecture in anticipation of intelligent data sharing in the future.

On Board CCTV

An extensive range of cameras are available to give coverage for all aspects of the train. Each camera is specialised to optimise the images captured,

  • High quality image capture even in poor light conditions**
  • Ability to differentiate green and red lights in all conditions**
  • Excellent low light visibility**
  • Minimal image degradation at high speed
  • Bright light interference balance

Paramount to the system is secure real-time* access from multiple locations by many organizations such as BTP, TOCs to high quality images when required. The system is:

  • Built with authority-based access
  • Monitored by an auditable log
  • Built to comply with ISO27001

*Subject to connectivity
**Please request a viewing of footage

CCTV Broker – CCTV Management System

ADComms remote CCTV Management Cloud Broker System, is designed to receive HD video footage and other data, such as video meta data and GPS data from both Panasonic and 3rd party devices. The data will be passed from the train to the cloud, where it is stored and managed. The system is resilient, ensuring all video and meta data is collected and processed whenever data connectivity is available. The system will:

  • Provide train-server to cloud-server communication for hundreds of trains concurrently
  • Ensure train sensor and GPS data is recorded and captured and uploaded with the corresponding video footage reliably
  • Provide as near to real-time availability of the requested video footage*
  • Manage intermittent communication issues during data transfer
  • Failover in the event of primary system failure
  • The speed of data transition introduces the potential for real time data analysis.
  • Pay-for-use pricing model for storage and services reduces initial investment allowing costs to be in line with customer use and requirements

The secure web application allows a user to search for time and location specific video footage. The system can handle multiple concurrent uploads of video to deliver the full video source quicker. Authorised users can request piece of footage that will be given priority over other requests. The user will also have the facility to view near-live feeds of remote cameras available on the trains (subject to connectivity).

Automatic Passenger Counting System

An important element of delivering excellent service is understanding customer traffic patterns throughout the day. This allows you to understand:

  • When staffing levels should be higher to improve customer service;
  • If a greater seating capacity is required;
  • When advertising has an impact on footfall;
  • And if the weather and seasons influence passenger numbers.

Access to 98% accurate information about passenger capacity enables TOCs to make more effective use of rolling stock. Users of the systems will identify the areas that they wish to monitor. We will work with you to deliver a system that surpasses your requirements and continue to support you throughout the period of your franchise.


ADComms brings to market a range of rail approved charging options designed to exceed passenger’s expectations.

The increase of Wi-Fi on trains has made the ability to work and connect whilst on the move easier, this has had an impact on the demand for being able to charge devices on the move. To enhance the passenger experience many train operating companies are looking to provide charging points that are safe to plug-in consumer devices while trains are moving. ADComms have a range of USB and three pin sockets, designed to meet the rigorous standards required for on train applications, Rail compliant to EN50155 7 EN50121-3-2. Allowing a single user to charge multiple devices i.e. phone and laptop making the train a truly connected space.


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