Dedicated camera technologies and bespoke software solutions

On-Train CCTV Solutions

ADComms have a suite of on-train CCTV solutions to enhance passenger security, safety and to improve the travelling experience. Our integrated CCTV and passenger counting solutions consists of the following modular capabilities:

  • Internal Saloon cameras – 360deg high definition at all times
  • Forward facing cameras – providing HD imaging with improved contract for signal colour detection
  • Pantograph monitoring – external high-speed HD camera technology
  • Driver Controlled Operation (DCO) cameras
  • Automatic Passenger Counting Sensors
  • NVR capable of recording 31 days of HD video
  • Cloud based software ‘CCTV Broker’ – providing real-time access to on-train asset data and live images

Today’s camera technology allows capturing of images in very low light conditions with the ability to differentiate between green and red signal lights in all conditions. Advanced codec allows our NVR’s to record high definition images constantly while still storing up to 31 days of data.

CCTV Broker – CCTV Management System

Cloud broker allows reliable retrieval of CCTV footage from on board systems direct to the requesting user without the user having to connect directly to the on board systems. A live view from the vehicle can also be requested to allow operators direct access to the onboard camera system.

A request for footage is made by the user to the private cloud system based on date and time, journey head code, GPS location or event. The cloud service registers the request and automatically connects to the vehicle when connectivity allows registering the request to the local onboard equipment. Footage along with the associated meta-data is collected from the onboard systems and placed into a queue in preparation for upload from the vehicle to the private cloud storage area. If the priority of the request is high, a metered connection is used to transfer the data to the cloud system, whilst lower priority requests are held until lower cost Wi-Fi connectivity to the vehicle is available. Bandwidth and connectivity outages are managed allowing a reliable transfer of data during period of unreliable connectivity.

Journey and vehicle information is distributed from the train to the wayside private cloud allowing indexed searches based on vehicles tracked location and running state to be performed across a fleet of vehicles without active connectivity to the vehicles and the time of the search request, for example, a search can be performed for a specific location within an hour time period. All vehicles passing through the location will receive a footage request from the system without the operator requiring knowledge or lookup of actual vehicle movements. Where asset and location data is available, customised locations can be geo-fenced into the system such as stations, depot, level crossing or known trespass areas.

Location based searches benefit from GPS data collected and transmitted from the train. This functionality also allows operators to get a near real time indication of the current location of a vehicle and view the route overlaid onto a map.

Upon successful upload from vehicle to wayside, a notification is sent to users alerting the availability of video evidence stored in the cloud. The user is able to playback the video evidence directly from the cloud through a standard web browser. To minimise the risk of footage being leaked or used for unauthorised purposes, watermarking of the image with an overlaid reference number allows user information to be retrieved identifying the user and other key information. Download from the cloud is reserved for privileged users such as operation managers or BTP where there is a requirement to compile an offline evidence pack from the system footage.

Scenario Based Search and Video Upload

Further integration with the connected on board systems will provide system users with further search filters based on events generated by the train. Vehicles passenger count systems will alert the CCTV system when loading is high. Detection of the use of the passenger alarm events can be used to trigger the automatic upload of evidence from train to wayside. For this type of event that will almost certainly result in an investigation, automated availability of footage in the cloud storage area speeds investigations and assists in the decision making process.

The scenario based events can be routed to users, notification from the system are displayed through the notification banner and email alert.

Key Features

  • Provide train-server to cloud-server communication for hundreds of trains concurrently
  • Ensure train sensor & GPS data is recorded and captured and uploaded with the corresponding video footage reliably.
  • Provide as near to real-time availability of the requested video footage
  • Manage intermittent communication issues during data transfer
  • Ability for cloud system to failover in the event of primary system failure where required
  • Pay for use pricing model for storage and services reduces initial investment allowing costs to be in line with customer use and requirements

Automatic Passenger Counting

Train Operating Companies want to know how many Passengers are on the train and where, this is what our solution provides:

  • Our solution accurately counts and recognises the number of passengers boarding and alighting the train at each station
  • Passenger movement between carriages.

It is designed to:

  • Connect to the head code allowing information to be sorted by route.
  • Interface directly with the train Wi-Fi system to enable real-time transmission of Passenger occupancy.
  • Differentiate between Passengers and Luggage
  • Achieve >98% accuracy.

Accurate data enables enhanced Passenger Management:

  • By understanding the passenger flow during the day and throughout year.
  • Plan and provide the right capacity at the right time.
  • Up-to-date data helps to plan daily operations more efficiently, increase customer satisfaction and optimise use of resource, enabling continuous improvement through understanding passenger demand




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