Chiswick Park; Heritage Site

Project Description

Chiswick Park London Underground Station is a Grade 2 Listed Building. To allow introduction of S-Stock trains, ADComms upgraded the OPO (one person operation) CCTV cameras. On each platform an independent CCTV system provides the driver images of the platform-train interface (PTI) to establish when it is safe to close the doors and proceed.

Work Streams

Upgraded OPO CCTV system to allow introduction of modern trains, improving safety and passenger experience, while being sympathetic to the heritage of the original station building.

ADComms’ redesign of the original CCTV proposal reduced the number of cameras required, reducing the visual impact of the upgrade, while providing train drivers the image quality required for safe self-dispatch.

Description of Works Carried Out

At Chiswick Park an additional six cameras were installed on Platform 1 and four on Platform 2. ADComms reduced the original design proposal of eight cameras on Platform 1 by moving them further from the platform edge to obtain the correct PTI coverage.

  • On Platform 1 all six cameras were mounted on replacement booms fixed to existing OPO drop poles, in three sets of pairs.
  • On Platform 2, the new cameras are mounted in pairs to two new drop rods fixed to the platform canopy.
  • The existing OPO CCTV cameras were retained to serve District Line D-Stock trains and the Piccadilly Line, as required

Most of the CCTV cabling runs were in non-public areas. However, where additional trunking was required, it was designed to blend with the existing station structure (powder-coated galvanised steel to match the existing Church-house lighting), and kept to minimum lengths. Camera bodies and brackets were made from powder-coated stainless steel to match the existing installation. Designs were supplied to the Conservation Officer at The London Borough of Ealing for review against their requirements for upholding the Heritage elements of the station.

All works were designed and planned to prevent any shadowing, lighting, visibility, proximity, overbearing or noise issues. 

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