Fixed Terminal Sub System

Client: Network Rail UK

Project Description

The Design, Installation and Commissioning of GSM-R Fixed Terminal Equipment and associated Standby Power supplies within Signal Boxes, Control Centres and other Network Rail infrastructure buildings.

Description of Works Carried Out

ADComms undertook the following Design and Installation activities:

  • Site survey to identify all electrical and telecoms works and any panel/furniture modifications needed to accommodate the terminal.
  • Submission of a Design pack that included the following:
    – Site specific drawings of proposed telecoms and electrical cabling and terminations
    – Solution for Standby Power supply
    – Form EA Electrical Design
    – Detailed drawings of proposed panel/furniture modifications
    – Detailed drawings/photographs showing proposed locations for equipment
    – Detailed Scope of works
  • Procurement of the Standby Power supply to support the ancillary equipment
  • Procurement of general installation materials ie cables and connectors
  • Marshalling and storage of Client free issue materials and equipment
  • Installation as per the approved Design of Standby Power supply, NTBA, Dicora terminal and all ancillary equipment and associated cabling

ADComms have Designed and Installed the solutions in 154 locations on the Network Rail Infrastructure in the UK. This ranged from the initial Strathclyde trial network of 10 sites to 45 sites on the very busy West Coast Mainline (WCML).

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