Platform to Train CCTV System OPO; District Line

Project Description

Design, supply and installation of TtT (track to train) OPO (one person operation) systems at 33 stations (88 platforms) along the District Line.

Work Streams

ADComms designed, supplied, installed, tested and commissioned:

  • 362 x Platform cameras
  • 179 x Trackside transmitters
  • 159 x Trackside beacons
  • 9km of Cable management (trunking and troughs)
  • 35km of Trackside cable
  • 33 x Equipment racks

Technologies supported by ADComms:

  • Cameras
  • Transmitters
  • CMS
  • Beacons
  • Control Equipment

Description of Works Carried Out

A successful OPO CCTV installation covering design, equipment supply, and testing and commissioning, across stations along the District Line. Efficient works that limited impact to station staff and the traveling public, while maximising working hours to drive on time and budget completion.

Works included intrusive and non-intrusive surveys of cable routes within stations and beside the permanent way/trackside to ensure appropriate CMS (cable management system) i.e. trunking, tray, concrete troughing, flexible conduit could be installed at the required location. Further surveys included trial digs for the installation of trackside assets located in the six foot and cess areas of the track.

All surveys around the track included detailed assessment of track gauging to ensure all assets were compliant to all gauging distances and standards.

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