Security CCTV Upgrade

British Library St Pancras

Project Description

To install an IP CCTV system in a defined exhibition space at British Library St Pancras . While carrying out works respecting the heritage of the building and delicate contents of the work area.


Work Streams

  • Complex cable routing for multiple cameras that allows for changes with each new exhibition layout
  • Maintaining camera coverage during upgrade works
  • Safely working at height

Description of Works Carried Out

  • All camera locations and cable routes to the closest terminal / switch, were marked on the survey prior to the installation. This allowed most efficient work planning, minimised physical activity and disruption, and shortened required cable lengths.
  • To maintain full CCTV coverage, each new camera was installed and operational before the corresponding retired camera was removed. ADComms achieved this by assigning all the new cameras their IP address and completing a table-top test in our workshop, to ensure correct configuration, then returning it to its box, appropriated marked. On installation, we placed an engineer in the control room, to monitor the captured image and guide the engineer in the room to ‘pan’ the camera to ensure of the correct view.
  • By working ‘out of hours’ (2100 to 0700hrs), ADComms limited inconvenience to British Library staff and visitors. Also, all site staff undertook an induction and project briefing to explain the special conditions of the environment.
  • After the site survey and before starting work, we generated a set of RAMS (risk assessment and method statements), which were fully CDM2015 compliant. The working at height requirement was assigned to appropriately trained and certified staff, using suitable access equipment.

A successful CCTV camera upgrade with no impact to the library staff, their service provision or the public. Works were completed within projected programme and budget, showing respect to the environment and contents of the work area.

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