Telecoms Standby Power Supplies

Client: Network Rail UK

Project Description

Replacement of standby power supply systems in telecoms transmission systems that are located throughout the country. These power supplies comprise batteries, chargers and rectifiers of differing vintages and serviceability rates and are for the most part not fit for purpose.

Description of Works Carried Out

The replacement of telecoms standby power supplies carried out by ADComms UK was to replace life expired batteries and rectifiers in Operational Telecoms Rooms at various locations in England, Scotland and Wales. The work comprised of the following main elements:

  • Undertook access & egress surveys
  • Undertook detailed engineering surveys
  • Remove and replaced existing charger and rectifier
  • Remove and replaced batteries
  • Remove and replaced battery racks
  • Disposal of removed batteries and racks

Items were delivered and removed from site by ADComms personnel. Drop off and pick up locations were detailed in the site specific method statement. The limits of the work site varied from site to site but in the main the work itself was generally within the confines of the telecoms equipment room.

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