Project Description

ADComms was tasked to engineer an innovative solution capable of providing dependable power for a GSM-R site with a challenging geographical profile.

Work Streams

  • Water main presence – Discussion and Site visit with Water Board to define area for Build
  • Tipping area where asbestos was found – Reported to NSC and arranged to be removed
  • Due to nature of location – geo grid deployed to combat water issues
  • Ballast in lay down area of Repeater Pole – moved to area away from Repeater pole

Description of Works Carried Out

Not only was solar power an environmentally friendly solution for Worlaby, it was also the most practical and financially beneficial option. Running a diesel generator throughout the year costs somewhere in the region of £50,000 and requires more than 30 site visits for maintenance and refuelling. The AD Comms solution requires one maintenance visit per year which includes one single refueling. The system also employs a Quiet time option to prevent generator run hours during the night and has a Web based graphical interface for stats analysis and future post trial Network Management integration.

Key Features:

  • Operator area within enclosure ensures maintenance activities are possible in all weather conditions
  • Single refuelling per year
  • Has been designed to reduce power costs
  • Guarantee site up time
  • Provide remote site diagnostics, monitoring and alarm functions
  • Lithium Ion Battery Technology
  • CCTV Surveillance

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