York Resonate

Project Description

 As part of the route upgrade works in and around York, there were several interventions that required changes to be made to the York Integrated Electronic Control Centre (IECC) workstations. As the control system in York IECC was life-expired, the opportunity was taken to transfer control to the adjacent York Rail Operation Centre (ROC).

York IECC contained three IECC systems. IECC One (York) controlled the York South and North Workstations.  IECC Two (Leeds City) controlled Leeds East and West Workstations, including the duplicated Leeds East Assist. IECC Three controlled Leeds North West and Ardsley Workstations. All workstations needed to be transferred to York ROC with the existing boundaries maintained. All equipment on the operating floor that supports the signallers and supervisor also needed to be transferred to York ROC.

Work Streams

  • Extended equipment and services from York IECC to York ROC via copper or fibre cable, where possible
  • Successfully migrated all telecommunications desk equipment on the IECC to a new workstation in the York ROC
  • Updated the CCTV to full colour systems at Kildwick and Cononley, which involved improvements to power, lighting and recording systems at both sites.
  • Supply of new equipment

Description of Works Carried Out

ADComms was responsible for migrating all telecommunications desk equipment on the IECC workstations to new workstations in the York ROC, including supply of new equipment as listed below:

  • GSM-R Terminals & Handsets
  • Telephone Concentrator Man-Machine Interface (MMI) & Associated Equipment
  • Voice Recorder Functionality
  • 2 x CCTV & Level Crossing Equipment (Leeds North West Workstation)
  • Emergency Alarm Panels (including telecommunications).

In addition, ADComms was responsible for the transfer of all telecommunications services that were required for the re-control of York IECC, including Voice Recorders, Positron Emission Tomography (PETS), GSM-R, Data Circuits, SMART and Signalling Circuits. ADComms also provided new FTN and Copper links between the buildings.

As well as the work at the York ROC, there were 17 remote sites, that fed information to the Control Centre, that required upgrading to support the new Signalling Control systems. ADComms installed and tested new modems at each of these sites.


    All ADComms and telecommunications activities and deliverables required for the Signalling (Resonate) rehearsals and main commissioning/Entry Into Service (EIS) were conducted during a 54-hour Christmas blockade. This was achieved successfully due to careful, precise and focused planning and co-ordination, both in-house and with the clients and contractors. 


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