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Everything ADComms does is driven by our vision: enabling better journeys for rail passengers through innovation

Journeys without limitations

Millions of people rely on Britain’s railways. That need creates a landscape of opportunities but also a host of complex challenges. That’s something ADComms is driven to solve.

As a key supplier across the rail industry, we do everything from deploying the backbone of the network’s communications infrastructure to integrating intelligent, next-level technologies into trains and stations. We ensure people, technology and data are connected every single day – working together to make better journeys possible.

We don’t believe in standing still either. Better journeys start with innovation, so our teams of engineers, designers and technicians are constantly reimagining and testing new technologies to solve the challenges facing our rail network and, most importantly, passengers.

Customers we’re helping to deliver better journeys

Our capabilities

Building on our 20+ years' experience, we're becoming the leading provider of track to train communications solutions for the UK rail market.

Rail Infrastructure

Keep people and data connected with telecommunications technology designed for the rail network, including GSM-R, FTN and fibre, as well as upgrade station systems, such as CCTV, to enhance security.

Train Technology

Gain real-time access to on-train systems, such as CCTV and passenger counting, and transform passenger experiences with next-level technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Access cost-effective supply, repair and overhaul of many key components to keep communication networks, stations and trains running efficiently, reducing costs and improving efficiency for passengers.

Start your career with ADComms

We’re on a mission to deliver better journeys. That isn’t limited to rail passengers. It also includes our team of more than 200 people. We aim to provide better career journeys that support your development, progression and satisfaction. Whether you’re at the forefront of delivering our key technologies or services, or supporting business functions such as finance, HR and procurement – your role and time is important to us. Want to help us in our mission? Join our team and get your career on track with ADComms.

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