ADComms are proud to have been rated ‘Excellent’  by the Considerate Contractors Scheme during a recent site visit to its Deep Tube Update Programme (DTUP) project on the Piccadilly Line. The score comprises of three elements: Community, Environment and Workforce – with ADComms scoring ‘Excellent’ in all categories. In fact, they achieved an overall score of 44/45.

About the scheme

The Considerate Contractors Scheme is a not-for-profit, independently managed organisation that supports and guides positive change in the construction industry. It primary focus is helping contractors and suppliers to raise their standards in relation to the community and environment impacted by construction activity, and to look after their workforce

Project background

ADComms is undertaking a project for Transport for London (TFL) / London Underground (LU) for the upgrading of the transport operating system on the Piccadilly Line. The upgrade works are required to compliment the new trains with new safety features. The project is in its early phase of site surveys with works expected to start at the first stations later this year. The project team is currently made up of 10 people doing night shift work with an expected peak workforce of around 100 during the installation phase. The specialist works are being undertaken in a deep underground railway environment with stringent railway operating requirements.

How did ADComms perform?

Overall, the report found “the site demonstrated excellent practices across the checklist to meet the Code of Considerate Practice. The company is ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certified and the team maintains all necessary controls on site which form a strong basis for their operating procedures. This is further enhanced by a range of project plans that span across the three sections of community, environment and workforce.”

In respect of the local community impacted by the works, the report found “The project team have well implemented controls in place to manage dust and noise and conduct themselves to project a positive image of the site and construction externally. Neighbouring residents are notified of disruptive works in advance through letter drops and the team provides ongoing updates on their planned work to relevant stakeholders.”

When reviewing care for the environment the report found “the project is measuring their performance against stringent carbon and other sustainability targets,” and that “Best practice carbon reduction measures are being implemented by the team including using biodiesel with all non-electric equipment. The project is also communicating these targets and ongoing progress to their workforce who receive appropriate training.”

In the final category of valuing our workforce, the report found “The company is ISO 45001 certified and the project has safety protocols in place in line with their certification. Staff benefit from a comprehensive range of training courses – provided by the company in collaboration with London Underground. The team provides free periodic health checks and health monitoring for all employees.”

The report underlines ADComms commitment to caring for the community, environment and workforce whilst delivering important infrastructure projects, not just for London Underground, but the wider UK rail network.

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